segunda-feira, 5 de agosto de 2013


You had already left, as fast as you came…
Maybe, I not able to figure out what it does mean… 
Life sometimes is a big crazy farewell
Even though you think that everything is going well.

Life is about seek sensations,
Besides you don’t know your destination. 
But, I have missed many feelings,
Those I have never tasted yet.
if I couldn't  find it or get,
I feel that my soul will crumble,
And my heart will start to tremble.

Life is about the special moments,
And people that you could meet.
And how many times that you see,
Or fell down in your knees.

You already left but,
You helped me support the true.
When the life doesn’t give,
Any wizard or clue,
You helped me just live.

So, that the reason I stay,
Thinking about all this mess.
About the missing feelings,
‘cause I know the true happiness.
The song maybe you guess,
I sing by myself...

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